Find out what is happening in my life right now.

  • Mountains & Relaxation.
    Ten days ago I moved from the busy city to Ekko Hostel in Tepoztlan. Living outside, sleeping under the stars, enjoying the mountain views, meeting amazing people. Tepoztlan feels like a special place, I met the most amazing people here and doing my work in a nice local cafe. A great balance between nature, connection… Continue reading Mountains & Relaxation.
  • The big city.
    I recently moved from my cosy wooden beach cabin in Puerto Escondido to Mexico city. It was quite a shift to go from a beach town to a big city but I am starting to like it here. I’m not sure how long I will stay or where I will go next.
  • Mazunte & back.
    I spent a week in Mazunte. It was nice to see Mazunte and I was also happy to move back to Puerto Escondido after the week. I will be in La Punta until at least the 15th of March. I have my own lovely little wooden cabin here that is a 3 minute walk to… Continue reading Mazunte & back.
  • Bare feet & sunsets.
    I moved to the beach in Puerto Escondido. The best thing about being here is that I don’t have to wear any shoes or masks ;). The sunsets are absolutely stunning & there are fun people around. I balance my days with work, a swim in the ocean and enjoying good food.
  • Oaxaca.
    Hi friends, I’m currently in Oaxaca City Mexico. Staying at Selina. Working, relaxing, meeting new people, having fun & eating good food!